Prince Harry’s Undressed Hotel Bash Has Photographs

Prince Harry is in many trouble nowadays after photographs of your ex playing nude billiards with a couple of equally-naked the baby birds in Vegas surfaced on the web yesterday (see the photos right here). TMZ states:

It all went down Friday night during a flaming party in a very high wheels hotel collection.

Harry, along with a large entourage, went down for the hotel club and fulfilled a bunch of very hot chicks … as well as invited them up to his / her VIP package.

Once in the room, items got Untamed … with the party playing a game title of reel pool that quickly increased into full-on royal nudity.

Some with the partiers snapped images of the madness. In one photograph, a fully naked Harry cups their genitals whilst a seemingly topless woman is an acronym behind him or her.

In another image, a undressed Harry is bear-hugging a lady who is apparently completely bare as well.

A sales rep for the Regal Family informs us, “We have zero comment to generate on the photographs at this time.”

Prince Harry probably have the single worst case of bright man’s rear end I’ve experienced. If the size of the particular star addressing his crack is any suggestion, it hardly measures two inches long. My spouse and i don’t see how it’s literally possible for him to sit down with no shattering his / her coccyx.