Jennifer Nicole Lee likes to test myself.

I love Jennifer Nicole Lee … in theory. Her story is inspiring along with she’s proved helpful incredibly challenging to get where she actually is in her existence. I value that and I respect your ex for that consequently there is a big part of us that would like to look the other way on this one. My partner and i can’t though. It wouldn’t be honest to the additional celebs I might trash with regard to wearing this particular outfit or even have trashed for wearing similar clothing. I wrote a post about Kate Beckinsale yesterday and mentioned that there is often a thin line between self confident and conceited. There is also a fine line between sexy as well as sleazy. With this attire, I feel Jennifer has done somersaults over both those collections. Jennifer works tough to look just how she seems to be but in these photos the lady just looks like a working woman, if you get my meaning. Yes she looks sexy yet she furthermore looks totally trashy. I’d expect you’ll see a dressing up like this upon someone such as Shauna Sands or perhaps that “Adolescent Bride” bimbo – not a physical fitness guru that expects to get taken seriously. I am aware this all looks harsh, yet it’s my personal. I really carry out adore Jennifer and i also respect precisely what she’s completed with her life however, if anyone else ended up wearing this kind of getup while evidently running errands, I’deb be producing the same thing. I’m sorry Jennifer – just not a fan of this appear.

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