Jennifer Lopez Dumped through American Idol

After two years behind the judges’ kitchen table, Jennifer Lopez tearfully announced that they would not be coming back for the new season of American Idol as a consequence of her a lot of work obligations and prior commitments, when really it absolutely was because Sibel told her she could go shag herself. The Every day Mail states:

[Emerging] reports right now suggest the girl [was] dropped by TV bosses over her spend demands.

Apparently the girl wanted the $2 million shell out rise on top of her $15 million deal the past season.

I could say a thing about your ex being a greedy, stuck-up, self-absorbed bitch using the vocal range of a Speak ‘n Spell, but instead I’ng decided to take the high path. Mostly because I’m already higher.

On tour together with Enrique Iglesias in Montreal earlier this week: